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CTV’s Surging Popularity and it’s Benefits for Healthcare Marketers

The pandemic has fueled a wave of new connected TV (CTV) consumption, which was already growing in popularity pre-COVID but has since emerged as a go-to channel for marketers, evidenced by CTV ad spending increasing 48% from 2020 to 2021. Consumers are increasingly canceling their cable subscriptions and spending more time streaming their content, reaffirming the incredible opportunity CTV presents for healthcare marketers working to modernize their ad programs in 2022 and beyond. CTV offers them the opportunity to increase the reach of their linear TV buys and leverage the power and precision of programmatic advertising to plan, activate, and optimize their campaigns. A discussion led by DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette and industry partner Serge Matta, President LG Ad Solutions, will explore the bright future of CTV, and share strategic approaches that healthcare marketers and pharma brands can implement to leverage the benefits of this increasingly popular platform.

Join in the conversation on April 21 at 8: 45 am PT / 11:45 am ET.

Location: The Westin Copley Place in Boston


Chris Paquette – CEO, DeepIntent

Serge Matta – Head Of Commercial, LG Ad Solutions

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Speaker: Serge Matta
Head of Commercial

Serge Matta min

Serge Matta is the Head of Commercial at LG Ad Solutions. His expertise lies in leading sales teams across industries to meet revenue goals and creating strategic, symbiotic partnerships. Prior to joining LG Ad Solutions, Serge held multiple leadership positions at different companies – he was the CEO at comScore, President of Global Sales and Marketing at GroundTruth and CEO at video audience and content intelligence provider ICX Media. During his tenure at these companies, he helped grow the business and strengthen the sales force. He completed his MBA at American University and currently lives in Vienna, Virginia.