IAB NewFronts 2022

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Moving Beyond Linear: Solving the TV Marketer’s Catch-22 in ’22

The migration of audiences from linear to streaming TV continues. What was once an easily addressable one-to-many medium is now a fragmented landscape strewn with obstacles for advertisers. How can brands maintain the mass reach of their linear buys, while effectively pinpointing the viewers they’ve lost across disparate apps and services? The team at LG Ad Solutions, along with Chief Investment Officers from Dentsu and Omnicom Media Group, will discuss how TV OEMS, with a powerful combination of premium smart TVs, ACR data, popular FAST channels, exclusive inventory, and proven results, all at global scale, can help tackle the biggest challenges faced by TV marketers today.

Attend our virtual presentation on Thursday, May 5 at 10: 20 am ET. Register here by clicking ‘Request A Pass’. It is free to join for all US media buyers.

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