TVOT Live! 2022 Panel: The Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem

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TVOT Live! 2022

Panel: The Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem

Join our session on January 12 at 9:25 am PT / 12: 25 pm ET.

The smart TV ecosystem is booming, as the OEMs now have their own FASTs, ad sales teams and measurement. They have vastly improved their interfaces as well, so that users are abandoning dongles. This leaves the OEMs in the sort of gatekeeper role that MVPDs once played, in terms of which apps they carry on their platforms. What’s more, new players like Comcast, Walmart and Amazon are starting to enter the market as the industry becomes more aware of how central smart TVs will be to the future of television and what an advantage it is to own both the hardware and the software. We will discuss the advantages the smart TV OEMs have, what their newly expanded role means for programmers and advertisers alike, around both carriage and measurement, what this means for MVPDs and why the US market is ahead of the curve. Panelists include:

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Speaker: John Gee
Chief Business Development Officer

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With over 30 years of executive level experience at companies such as OpenTV/Nagra, TiVo, Navic, Microsoft and Sorenson Media, John Gee is an award winning leader, innovator and recognized authority on advanced advertising media and technology.As Chief Business Development Officer for LG Ad Solutions, John is responsible for hardware, software, data and content provider partnerships and he leads efforts to expand the LG Ad Solutions footprint across worldwide TV and digital platforms.