TVOT SF 2022

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TVOT SF 2022

Panel: Advertising in the New World of Application Content

Join our session on October 12 at 4:40pm PT in-person in San Francisco. Check it out here.

As CTV viewing grows, consumers are increasingly accessing their programming via apps. This session will unpack the implications of this phenomenon both for the advertising industry and for providers of app-based programming services. Issues to be addressed include the extent to which we need to abandon our legacy notions of TV advertising and embrace new business models and formats, such as viewer interactivity, QR codes and advertising gamification; how—when CTV advertisers tend to cherry-pick the most popular content to run their campaigns beside—small and start-up app-based content providers can nevertheless monetize their services through advertising; and what publishers need to do in in the EU, LATAM and other regions where the growth of app-based programming services has been rapid, but where privacy regulations and other challenges threaten that growth. Panelists include:

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Matt Knopf

Speaker: Matt Knopf
Head of Publisher Development