VideoNuze Connected TV Advertising Preview: 2022

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VideoNuze Connected TV Advertising Preview: 2022

Join our session on January 26 at 11:20 am PT / 2: 20 pm ET. Register here.

Connected TV and streaming have become the media industry’s top priorities. Surging viewership and content options are driving dramatic growth in CTV advertising.

VideoNuze’s Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 will feature senior industry executives sharing their thought leadership and insights on the year ahead for CTV advertising, across two high-impact afternoons.

Through a combination of research presentations, interviews and panel discussions, attendees will learn the key priorities that will shape the industry in 2022 and what their companies can do to succeed.

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Speaker: Serge Matta

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Serge Matta is the President at LG Ad Solutions. His expertise lies in leading sales teams across industries to meet revenue goals and creating strategic, symbiotic partnerships. Prior to joining LG Ad Solutions, Serge held multiple leadership positions at different companies – he was the CEO at comScore, President of Global Sales and Marketing at GroundTruth and CEO at video audience and content intelligence provider ICX Media. During his tenure at these companies, he helped grow the business and strengthen the sales force. He completed his MBA at American University and currently lives in Vienna, Virginia.