Diverse Mom Audiences: Authentic Representation and Meaningful Engagement

Join us on August 30 11 am PT / 2 pm ET
Moms control 85% of purchase decisions and account for over $2.4 trillion in purchasing power. (Forbes). An estimated 15.3 million children (21%) live in single-family homes with only their mothers, meaning that their mothers are the breadwinners of the family (Census data, 2021). Racial and ethnic backgrounds often shape the way mothers raise children and navigate the challenges of motherhood. Moms from diverse backgrounds especially want to ensure their children appreciate their roots.

How can brands better connect with moms from different ethnicities and create campaigns that have a meaningful impact on them? How can brands truly understand the mom consumer, both for what she needs for herself and what she needs for her children? How should brands speak differently to single moms vs moms with spouses/partners? Find out in our webinar.

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Priyanka Sanyal
North America Strategy & Innovation Manager at Kimberly-Clark

Priyanka Sanyal is a marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in the CPG industry across the beverages, feminine care, baby care, and oral care categories in the brand management and the Strategy and Innovation functions. Priyanka has experience developing communication and new products that meet the needs of diverse audiences across multiple geographies (North America, Asia). In her day-to-day, she strives to be the voice of the consumer in the room.

Priyanka Sanyal

Brechelle Corn
Strategist at The Mom Complex

Bre is a natural investigator. Her affinity for interpersonal connection makes diving into research a welcomed challenge. She has the ability to pinpoint and connect with the most personal aspects of the family experience while identifying trends in consumer behavior that provide clients with strategic actions for their business. When she is not talking to moms or devouring hours of TikTok videos, she is searching for fresh experiences. You may find her reading the next NYT bestselling book, enjoying the great outdoors, or looking for her next adventure.

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Britany Rickett
Vice President, Director – Inclusive Marketing Lead at Starcom

Britany Elise Rickett (she/they) is a Vice President, Director of Inclusive Marketing at Starcom. As an advocate for equity, disability, and inclusion, Britany lives by the motto, “service is a mandate of success.” Instilling this mantra into the work is realized by Britany’s efforts to dismantle harm and harmful bias in marketing, centering historically underrepresented audiences responsibly, and developing the next generation of talent through mentorship and partnership with community-based organizations.

Britany Rickett


Jen Mutchnik
Sales Director (Media & Entertainment) at LG Ad Solutions

Jen is a Sales Director at LG Ad Solution overseeing the Paramount Global relationship. She is one of the great students of the digital media marketplace with 17+ years of experience across flagship properties such as FOX/IGN, 4C/Mediaocean, TVGuide, CraveOnline, and Phd. From selling new tech to never seen before creative, Jen’s fearlessly led key decision makers inside agencies and C-Suites across Auto, Entertainment, and Tech sectors beyond their comfort zone, towards the future and has really carved a name for herself in the LA media community. Jen’s a mother to an adorable 5-year old son (@lilaustinphilip), a third-generation Los Angelino and a lover of international adventures.

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