Nearly Half Of All Consumers Likely To Engage With Enhanced CTV Ad Formats


LG Ad Solutions Study shows that enhanced Connected TV (CTV) ads drive viewer engagement and favorability

Mountain View, February 7, 2023 – LG Ad Solutions, a global leader in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, today released the results of their latest thought leadership study, the “Enhanced Ads Study.” The study sheds light on the impact of enhanced CTV ad formats on consumer engagement, revealing key insights into the future of advertising.
Enhanced CTV ads include those that use dynamic QR codes, change messaging based on time of day, are location specific or use weather to trigger relevant creative. The study found that 49% of US consumers are likely to engage with enhanced ads, demonstrating strong demand for interactive and personalized advertising experiences. Furthermore, the study uncovered that 94% of consumers feel the same or more favorable toward brands that leverage QR codes, with the same number reporting being more likely to buy or use those brands.

The study also found that 95% of consumers either feel the same or more favorable toward brands that display the location of the store closest to them, with 92% feeling the same or more likely to buy or use those brands. Additionally, 72% of consumers like ads that take into consideration the current weather in their city, with 94% feeling the same or more likely to be favorable towards a brand that utilizes contextual ads based on the weather in their area and 92% feel that same or more likely to buy or use those brands.

The majority of consumers, 72%, like enhanced ads that show real-time sports scores, a countdown to games/events, and team-match ups and 64% report being more likely to engage with these types of ads.

The results of the LG Ad Solutions Enhanced Ads Study reinforce the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences and leveraging innovative ad formats,” said Tony Marlow, CMO of LG Ad Solutions. “By providing brands with the ability to create more personalized and interactive ad experiences within CTV environments, we are helping to drive better engagement and outcomes for both advertisers and consumers.

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