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From the Experts: Mastering Mom Marketing – Strategies for Success

The mom audience wields significant influence over purchase decisions, with 47% contributing more than half of the household income. (Forbes, 2022) Brands that effectively cater to their needs and truly understand them are likely to resonate strongly and gain a share of their wallet. While some brands have successfully created a space for themselves in the mind of a mom consumer, others have yet to make progress.

Young moms and pregnant women desire advertisements and content that feature real moms (65%), are relatable (63%), educational and informational (61%), and uplifting/positive (55%) (Ziff Davis’ Everyday Health Group Pregnancy & Parenting (EHG P&P)). This underscores the importance for advertisers to incorporate these elements into their advertising strategy, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their mom-focused campaigns.

In the past month, we organized a webinar featuring industry leaders discussing the need for authentic connections with moms. The panel included Deleyla Glass, Media Director at GSD&M; Louisa Wong, Chief Executive Officer at Extreme Reach; Junelle Cavero Harnal, Head of Political at My Code; and was moderated by Amanda Kenefick, Senior Sales Director at LG Ad Solutions.

You can find the key from the webinar takeaways highlighted below:

  1. Meet Moms where they are: Moms encompass a wide range of experiences and intersections, from adoptive and widowed moms to queer and single moms. Likewise, there are young and older moms, moms with small children or moms with adult kids, and moms from multicultural and diverse ethnic backgrounds – each on a unique motherhood journey and at different places in that journey. Brands should strive to be there every step of the way, providing a secure and reliable product or service that moms can turn to. For a brand, it should not be just about selling items; it should involve promoting inherent values, a core identity, and a belief system that resonates with moms. Similarly, the journey of speaking to a mom through advertising doesn’t begin and end on Mother’s Day. It is a continual conversation that must happen throughout the year.
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  2. Going beyond the ad: Market intelligence becomes crucial to convey the mom narrative. This includes data on who moms are, how they think, and what they care about – and using those insights to connect with this consumer group on a deeper level. Today audiences, especially Gen Z, go the extra mile to examine brands from a holistic perspective, conducting thorough research into every brand aspect. It’s not just about reflecting the mom consumer in the creative – brands must demonstrate consistency, showing up for moms and standing up for them in every sense. How do brands align their words with their actions? How do they show commitment to supporting the causes that this audience believes in? Brands must move beyond transactional engagement and genuinely prioritize elevating the mom audience throughout the marketing process.
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  3. Contextual cues are key: Timing and context are pivotal in storytelling. Brands must empathize with moms by placing themselves in their shoes, to truly understand the mom consumer’s situation, not just in the context of them as a mom, but in the context of what they value, their priorities, and their circumstances. For example, with the current economic situation, budgets are tighter, especially for families. Brands must realize that as their mom consumers’ circumstances change, their habits and mindset will follow suit. By addressing these factors and adding such contextual cues in their branding and advertising, brands can authentically connect with moms, making them feel seen, heard, and respected.
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Ultimately brands that truly empathize with and understand their target audience are bound to garner a loyal fanbase. Instead of adopting a point-in-time solution, brands should aim to drive a movement and demonstrate support 365 days of the year. The intention is to elevate consumers, providing value and equity. Before reaching out, brands must consider their purpose in connecting with a specific audience. Instead of targeting everyone, establishing authentic connections with relevant audiences will go a long way.

Watch the full webinar on-demand to learn more about reaching the mom consumer, or email us at or via our contact page.

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Junelle Cavero Harnal
Head of Political at My Code

With over 25 years experience in government affairs, nonprofit management, political electoral campaigns and business development, Junelle Cavero Harnal heads My Code’s political practice, focusing heavily on identifying, persuading and engaging voters of color. Before joining H Code, she was a nationalread more

Deleyla Glass
Digital Media Director at GSD&M

Deleyla is a heart-centered and empathic leader with 10+ years of experience facilitating cross-department collaboration, business operations, and project management in fast-paced tech environments. When she is not working as the Digital Media Director for GSD&M, she provides DEIBA, web design/administration,read more

Louisa Wong
Chief Executive Officer at Extreme Reach

Louisa was named Chief Executive Officer of Extreme Reach in May 2023. A global award-winning leader, she joined ER from Wavemaker, where she served as CEO, The Americas Region. She is a highly respected thought leader, a grounding force in an ever-changing industry, and a champion of female leadership,read more


Amanda Kenefick
Senior Sales Director at LG Ad Solutions

Amanda Kenefick leads Midwest brand partnerships for LG Ads Solutions representing 35MM US Smart TVs. She’s been in the digital space for 15 years and is passionate about helping brands reach and engage valuable audiences to achieve their business goals. In her current role, Amanda works with brandsread more