Webinar: Beyond Linear TV

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Webinar Beyond Linear TV

Exploring best practices in striking the right balance between traditional linear TV and addressable CTV media. How are brands and agencies finding hard-to-reach audiences as streaming takes over, while avoiding the pitfalls of the complex CTV ecosystem? With TV evolving from being only a mass-reach medium to a 1:1 addressable environment, this webinar will explore strategies brands and agencies are using to maximize reach and effectiveness as audiences continue to fragment across platforms and services.

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brad stockton

Brad Stockton
SVP, US National Video Innovation, Dentsu International

jennifer eenigenburg

Jennifer Eenigenburg
VP, Digital Media Director at Rain the Growth Agency

diana bernstein

Diana Bernstein
EVP Managing Director, Investment at Havas Media Group

aj kintner

Moderator: AJ Kintner
VP of Sales, East, LG Ad Solutions