Webinar: Driving Resonance with the Hispanic Consumer

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In 2022, nearly 19% of the US population is Hispanic. With high purchasing power, expected to account for 12% of all US buying power by 2025, Hispanic audiences should definitely be a key demographic for brands. However, Hispanic audiences are often skipped over by marketers, with content and advertising lacking representation and true understanding of their needs.

According to a Horowitz study, 80% of Hispanic TV content viewers are streamers and 64% are Spanish-language content viewers. However, 39% say their individual identity groups aren’t represented enough on TV. (Nielsen, 2021). To get noticed by Hispanic audiences, brands must authentically represent these groups and create messaging that resonates with their values. How can brands better connect with Hispanic audiences? What are best practices for reaching this valuable consumer?

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René Santaella

René Santaella
Chief Digital & Streaming Officer
Estrella Media, Inc.

Jennifer Rivera-Vega

Jennifer Rivera-Vega
Head of Mullticultural Marketing (US)

Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez
Founder & Sr. Brand/ DEI Strategist

Abril Jimenez

Abril Jiménez
Sales Director (Media & Entertainment)
LG Ad Solutions