Webinar: Mapping the Future of TV

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How can advertisers balance linear and CTV budgets this Fall TV Season? How can audiences best be engaged across platforms and services for maximum efficiency? Understanding the complex evolution of TV is paramount in finding the answers. Learn more with industry leaders Evan Shapiro, Alan Wolk, Justin Fromm and Serge Matta.

The widespread adoption of internet-capable TVs has led to a huge growth in IP-delivered content across hundreds of streaming apps. As the access point to all of this content, Smart TVs are the central hub of TV entertainment; the new living room home screen. To keep up with how consumers use their TVs, advertisers must shift how they think, plan, and buy TV.

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evan shapiro

Evan Shapiro
Media Cartographer and Founder, eshapTV

alan wolk

Alan Wolk
Co-Founder and Lead Analyst, TVREV










justin fromm

Justin Fromm
Head of Research, LG Ad Solutions

Serge Matta min

Serge Matta
President, LG Ad Solutions