Another Fall TV Premiere Loses Viewers to FOX’s NFL

a million little things

Yet another Fall TV premiere was stacked against FOX’s NFL coverage.

This time it was ABC’s A Million Little Things 1-hour premiere on Thursday, November 19, which was heavily outwatched by FOX. In fact, FOX’s Cardinals vs. Seahawks coverage had a 12.92% share of viewers, followed by ABC with 5.03%.

During the 10 pm-11 pm ET hour slot, NBC’s had a 3.32% share of viewers with its Dateline programming, the NFL Network had 2.89% with its NFL coverage and CNN rounded out the top 5 networks with 2.86% of the share for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

Prior to the premiere, 66% of its viewers were already tuned-in to ABC for Grey’s Anatomy and 13% were not watching any live TV.

But what did viewers do after the episode? Following the A Million Little Things premiere, ABC retained 56% of its viewers, but a substantial amount stopped watching live TV altogether (40%).