Can E! keep up without the Kardashians?

keeping up kardashians x

Based on our data, the Kardashian family and their on-screen personal and professional lives attracts a lot of attention – so much so that the show is a key audience driver for the E! network. As the latest season came to an end last month, we looked into what that means for E!

Live viewing of season 20 episodes of the Jenner and Kardashian family reality show over-index the 8pm hour on E! by 23%, meaning that the 8-9pm primetime slot on E! has 23% more viewers when KUWTK is on, as compared to when any other show is on. Moreover, 29% of Season 20 KUWTK viewers have not watched any other E! content since the premiere, proving that the show alone is drawing in viewers to E! These viewers do not stay on the channel to watch any other shows.


While season 20 has attracted more total viewers (Live+DVR) compared to seasons 18 and 19, average viewership per episode declined week-over-week, with episode 10 attracting just 73% of the season premiere’s total.


Despite its popularity, KUWTK accounted for just 3.6% of reality show viewing. There’s a lot of reality content for these viewers to find. In fact, of the 20 shows with the greatest Efficiency Index for reaching the KUWTK audience, 19 are reality programs and all 20 air on E!, Bravo, or TLC.


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