Data Match Rates for Attribution: Can Your Provider Cut It?

Data Match Graphic

We’re hearing from brands and agencies over and over: when working with other data & measurement companies, TV attribution just isn’t working because data match rates are too low.

In other words: the smart TV sample these companies have limits match rates, meaning there isn’t enough overlap between exposed TV viewers and a brand’s actual customers for meaningful analysis. 

This can happen for several reasons; a data set from a single TV manufacturer, or an inadequate scale of the TV data set, to name just a few. 

At Alphonso, we work with multiple smart TV and connected TV device manufacturers and with 15 million U.S. households reporting TV viewership with us, we deliver the industry’s highest data match rates – an average of over 15 percent overlap across all major brand categories; much more than enough to run your TV and OTT attribution at granular levels.

Whether you’re measuring traffic, transactions, or conversions, online or offline, contact us today to find out how our massive-scale TV data set can drive your TV and OTT attribution.