Despite loyal viewers, NBC’s Superstore shuts its doors

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The hilarious workplace comedy, Superstore had its season six finale on March 25th. Having been cancelled in December 2020, this was also the final episode of the series, leaving many fans wondering what their next binge-worthy sitcom would be. Despite the cancelation, the show’s following was mainly loyal to the end. The season six finale had a similar number of households tune in as compared to the season premiere, and had only  a 5% drop in tune-in from the season five finale.

Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman and Colton Dunn as employees of the fictional big box store Cloud 9 in Missouri, NBC decided to shutter its doors once America Ferrera turned in her Cloud 9 badge, and the show had reached the 100 episode mark without bringing in a large number of new viewers.

Did the end of the show bring NBC more viewers? Let’s find out!

ABC is first in line for tune-in

superstore finale sovThe one-hour long finale had a share of voice of only 3.98%, which was on the lower end compared to other networks. By comparison, ABC ranked highest with Station 19, followed by CBS with B Positive and Young Sheldon.


NBC pulled in a large chunk of viewers pre-finale

superstore finale

Nearly 60% of the viewers were watching local programming on NBC before the 8 pm (ET) start of the show and almost one-third of the audience stayed on for the airing of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

What’s next for NBC?

NBC is all set to transform ‘Superstore’ into a Spanish-language comedy show. This is the first time that NBCUniversal Formats has adapted one of its shows in Spanish and tailored it towards a Latin American and Hispanic audience (Read more here). Here’s hoping it lands well and gets a ton of new viewers!