LG Ads Guaranteed Outcomes

Brands can now pay only for media that hits campaign goals

When you advertise on TV, more often than not, you pay for spots upfront, hope your ads are placed in front of the right audiences, and that these audiences go on to take a desired action. However, what if, similar to digital, you only had to pay for campaigns that actually met your goals?

Traditionally, there have been two main ways to buy TV ads — buying upfront to secure the most sought-after TV spots at fixed rates or buying in the scatter market on an ad-hoc basis. What both these methods have in common is that you pay in full for your TV buy and hope your campaign delivers ROAS.

Our Guaranteed Outcomes Program resolves this very issue, by ensuring that you only pay for actual ad metrics hit and results achieved. Let’s take a deeper dive into how the CTV industry evolved and why the need for pay-per-performance arose.

CTV Turned TV into a Digital Advertising Medium

As technology has evolved and CTV has gained more share of the TV budget, advertisers can buy ads directly from a smart TV OEM instead of the content provider (app or network). ACR (automatic content recognition) technology available on smart TVs like LG has allowed advertisers to target audiences more accurately and tie ad campaigns to tangible outcomes. You can set a campaign goal and conveniently measure if that goal was met – be it clicks, store/website visits, tune-in or app installs. By understanding how the viewer has responded to your advertisement and what action they have taken thereafter, you can directly measure ROAS in terms of actual dollar value.

With this advancement, TV advertising has become every bit as digital as online advertising, with the same trackability and granular targeting capabilities.

Connecting the Dots Between Spend and Performance

When it comes to digital advertising, each campaign has clear-cut results and corresponding payment options. Looking to drive clicks? Pay-per-click. Trying to get viewers to visit your website? Pay-per-conversion. CTV is right there with digital on the clear-cut results, yet for the most part, those results are not guaranteed in the same way.

In response to this, we decided to bring digital pay-per-performance to CTV with our Guaranteed Outcomes Program.

LG Ad Solutions Guaranteed Outcomes Program

The Guaranteed Outcomes Program ensures that brands running their CTV video and native ads on LG smart TVs pay only when a specific campaign goal is met. These campaign goals include reach and frequency extension, demographic targeting, 100% video completion rates (VCR), and custom conversions (currently, conversion goals only include app installs, but we are expanding into more types of conversion metrics in the coming months). You don’t have to take our word for it – results will be verified by independent third-party measurement partners.

You can opt for the guaranteed outcomes program either programmatically or as a managed service. These ads can be placed across exclusive LG Native, CTV video on LG Channels and the LG content partner network. How you want to go about it is totally up to you. Pick your campaign goal, view the actual outcome, and pay only for the results that hit your campaign metrics.

To get the most out of your media budget and buy with guaranteed outcomes, reach out to our team members on our contact page or email us at info@lgads.tv.

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