New viewers swarm to networks as a result of Shark Week

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What can audience data tell you about the importance of Shark Week to its host networks? Deep-dive with us as we take a look at how Shark Week and Shark Fest drive incremental tune-in to the networks on which they air.

In 2020, Discovery’s Shark Week brought in 37% new viewers (those who hadn’t tuned-in to the network for the previous 30 days) to the network. Of this new audience, 34% continued to stay glued to the network, even 30 days after the show fin-ished. The net new viewers brought in through this content was 13%.

shark week

Just like a shark is drawn to blood, National Geographic’s Shark Fest, drove 51% of new viewers to the network. Of these new viewers, 35% tuned-in to the network for the next 30 days, resulting in 18% net new viewers.

shark week

Read the full story in the Associated Press here.

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