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Buying TV ads requires a tricky balancing act between creative, placement, audience and engagement. Connected TV advertising through partners like LG Ad Solutions, who can offer direct and exclusive access to both data and inventory, is a great way to address all of these needs. First-party CTV providers make TV much more like digital. Not only can advertisers find and target specific audiences they can’t find on linear, they can now also drive and measure actions such as clicks, website visits, foot traffic and more through CTV ads. To help your audiences notice your ad and take desired action, we’ve introduced a series of new ad types to enhance your campaigns and increase viewer engagement with your brand.

New Ad Units To Complement Your TV Strategy

Secondary Home Screen Ad Units – When you place your ad on the LG Homescreen with our large Hero unit, it is one of the first things a viewer sees when they switch on the TV. To provide back-up to this premium placement, we’ve introduced a new secondary unit that comes to the forefront when a user hovers over the content store button or is visible in the ‘Trending Now’ section (OS 6.0). Result? Two complementary creatives that go hand-in-hand to get the viewer to notice the advertiser and take action.


Connected QR ads – QR codes found their resurgence during the pandemic and now we are adding them to our TV ads. Appearing on-screen alongside your ad creative, audiences can scan the QR code using their mobile phone or tablet. They will then be redirected to your website, online shop, or app install page – whichever matters most to you. As consumers intentionally scan the QR codes, you will have access to powerful and granular insights on attributed scans and can directly tie campaigns to outcomes.

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Location Extension Ads – If you want to drive traffic to your store, these ads are the perfect choice. Through these ads, you can inform CTV audiences, in real-time, of the exact location details of your store nearest to each household. Our partnership with omnichannel personalization and consumer intelligence platform, Clinch, makes it super easy for you to influence consumer behavior and ultimately drive the consumer to make a trip to your store.

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Invest in Mental Breaks

As strong believers in the importance of mental health, we want our audiences to have an opportunity for mindfulness in this fast-paced world. Our Zen sponsored ads are designed to give the audience a little break during their viewing experience. Through these, brands can reach consumers in between programming and show your support for mindful moments.

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If you’re interested in finding out how you can better engage your audiences across CTV, set up a call with us through our contact page or reach out at info@lgads.tv.