The Art of Timely Messaging: Insights from Alcohol and Wellness Advertising Trends

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Advertisers are constantly striving to share compelling messages with their target audiences. However, both targeting and messaging can fall flat if the timing is off and the audience is not ready to engage.

To explore the importance of timing in regards to advertising, LG Ad Solutions looked at trends in the alcohol and wellness categories throughout the year. Using LG Ads’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), technology that provides insights into both what opted-in viewers are watching and what ads they are exposed to, LG Ads identified trends in Beer and Alcohol advertising.

timely messaging

The above chart shows how beer and alcohol advertisers have internalized the importance of timing when trying to engage consumers. Rather than trying to build momentum in the beginning of the year where some consumers might not want to be engaged, brands tend to save their budgets for warmer summer months.

So if beer and alcohol brands go lighter when it is colder and heavier when it is hotter, how do wellness-focused brands best engage consumers?

timely messaging

Alcohol brands tend to suppress spend during the start of the new year, wellness brands like gyms or sports supplements, take advantage of engaging consumers while they are focused on creating positive habits in the new year.

While both alcohol and self improvement are examples most relevant to the beginning of the year, the lessons they teach apply to all advertisers including:

  • Engage Consumers when they’re ready to Engage: Wellness brands take advantage of New Year’s Resolution-based goals to be healthier. Conversely pitching alcohol during Dry January is unlikely to resonate.
  • Align the Message with the Timing: Think advertising a refreshing drink in the summer months
  • Don’t Skimp on Consumer Research: To get the timing right, understanding what makes the consumer tick becomes even more important

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