Three ways brands can go for gold during the 2022 Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Winter Olympics are just a few weeks away, and ad spending related to the event is expected to reach $600M. Despite the controversy surrounding the host country, the majority of US adults are not against US athletes participating in the games.

The Olympics audience is a key opportunity for advertisers to reach a mass audience in this era of declining ratings. Sixty-two percent of TV households tuned into the 2021 Summer Olympics via linear broadcast at least once, so it makes sense for brands to find ways to reach this audience. Aside from the geopolitical issues, other hurdles that brands looking to capitalize on the Olympics face include 1) the average Olympic viewer spends just 45 minutes of their total daily viewing time on Olympics broadcasts and 2) advertising in the Olympics is expensive and crowded.

“Over its two weeks, the Olympics create a cultural moment that brings Americans together like few other events. To capitalize on this moment, advertisers previously had two options: face high rates and tremendous frequency to advertise in the content, or buy mass reach content with their message hoping to resonate. With our ACR data targeting, brands can now reach Olympics viewers across their devices with a relevant message and share in the gold.” – Justin Fromm, Head of Research at LG Ad Solutions

With LG Ad Solutions’ power of addressable TV and exclusive ACR viewership data, here are three ways your brand can win big during the Olympics:

1. Reach Olympic viewers outside of Olympic content
Brands don’t have to advertise during the actual games to reach Olympic viewers. With LG Ad Solutions, brands can target Olympic fans based on event viewership (overall or specific sports). With LG Ad Solutions, brands can run targeted native ads during major games and continue to pinpoint fans after the games are over on TV and  all the devices they use.
2. Align your brand with other sports
From cycling to soccer, Olympics viewers are BIG fans of a variety of sports!  Of the top 10 programs watched by Olympics viewers, the top 6 across the broadcast networks and the top 5 programs across cable were all sporting events or sports news programming. Brands who love the Olympics should consider a broader sports targeting strategy. With LG Ad Solutions, brands can target sports genre premium AVOD programming, including channels from NCAA, MLB, and Fox Sports.

3. Stand out from the crowd
A quarter of all Olympics telecasts is advertising content, with just five categories accounting for more than 50% of that ad load: Electronics & Communication (16.3%), Automotive (11.6%), Online Services (9.7%), Food & Beverage (9.0%), and Restaurants (8.2%). With LG Ad Solutions, brands can target viewers with different messaging based on if they have or haven’t seen their competitor’s commercials.

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