Women at LG Ad Solutions: Laura Schneider, Director of Sales

Ladies at LG Ads laura

As the first female hire on the sales leadership team, Laura is a strong-minded individual who supports her counterparts and encourages them to advocate for themselves and one another. Here’s a little bit about her experience in her own words —

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like about working at LG Ad Solutions.
Hi, I’m Laura Schneider, an enthusiastic forward thinker, who is a brand name within the fast paced and ever-changing ad industry. I started my career on the agency side, where I worked with a number of traditional TV, streaming TV (D2C) and film brands and developed an understanding of client services as the cornerstone for building trust and boosting revenue. I’m a strong believer in staying fluid, solving problems and capitalizing on existing as well as future ad tech to mold brand strategy. I’m passionate about advocating for my colleagues & clients. I live by the mantra, all you need in life is: will, passion, and self-belief.

What made you decide to pursue this field?
I always knew I wanted to major in advertising at the Missouri School of Journalism, but it wasn’t until my first internship that I knew media was going to be my speciality. Media allows you to use your left and right brain—which was appealing and where I excelled. I started at OMD LA the Monday after I graduated college—where I learned the fundamentals of media. Moving to the sales-side is where I’ve been able to “spread my wings and fly”, working across large volumes of campaigns for strategic clients. I love how we can build a strategy, execute a campaign, and deliver actionable results on the daily.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the ability to work with fluidity and like-minded believers on a daily basis. Here at LG Ad Solutions we are building something collaborative with colleagues who are willing to go the extra mile. Working across entertainment clients and specializing in TV data allows for you to always know what to watch as well as when. I could talk TV data all day, and love getting out of bed in the morning just to see what the day will hold as well as what new content consumers are watching, no matter how they are watching!

How do you feel LG Ad Solutions has helped you thrive as a woman?
With ad tech typically being a male-dominated industry, LG Ad Solutions has a focus as well as highly spoken about goals for women thriving within our company. This was something mentioned within the early stages of my interview process and has been a theme throughout company-wide events. We even have a “Women @ LG Ad Solutions” slack channel, to talk about weekly aspirations and successes and ensure we are supporting one another.

What advice do you have for other women?
My advice would be – lead by example, and understand that humility is part of the job. Surround yourself with the people you want to become. The future is female and we have the opportunities our grandmothers as well as mothers didn’t have. Use it, don’t lose it. And finally, dream big and advocate for yourself. No-one else is going to do it for you.