Women at LG Ad Solutions: Juhi Jain, Product Manager

Ladies at LG Ads Juhi

Juhi joined LG Ad Solutions after her MBA program and has been here for over two years. A Product Manager, well-versed in all things TV and media, she has been and continues to be an asset to the team. Here’s a little bit about her in her own words  —

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and your role at LG Ad Solutions.
After graduating from engineering school, I joined an analytics company for about 2.5 years, where I learned the beauty of interpreting data and using it to predict profitable opportunities. Continuing to be passionate about data, but wanting to move into more of a business-centric role, I pursued my MBA. To find the perfect balance between data and business, I started exploring product management roles and that is when I heard of LG Ad Solutions. It has been a fun journey of over 2 years working on different projects, from linear TV ad analytics to working in media and exploring ways to help brands acquire more relevant advertising opportunities.

What do you love most about your job?
LG Ad Solutions has always shown agility. To help us stay relevant, we are constantly working to explore new areas of business. On top of that, the industry we are in (TV and media) is here to grow and stay. It is relevant to every person and to every company across industries. This keeps me motivated and excited as I get to put on various hats and contribute to outstanding products that we get to build from scratch.

What would be your message to all the girls/women out there who are trying to achieve success in a predominantly male tech industry?
I believe that clear communication and agility is the key to everything. Do your work diligently and do not be afraid to raise your voice if you feel neglected. If you are confident about something, do not hesitate to share that idea. If you are worried about how it may sound in a big group, then pick a smaller group to get the initial buy-in and then work your way up.

How has LG Ad Solutions helped you thrive as a woman?
At LG Ad Solutions, I have always been heard. When my ideas and work have been good, I have been applauded and when I have made mistakes, I have been given feedback. The fact that there has been no bias in regards to the progress made by me and my female or male colleagues has given me the confidence to put forth my thoughts and ideas without worry.