Women at LG Ad Solutions: Priyanka Somaiah, Team Lead, Ad Operations

Ladies at LG Ads Priyanka Somaiah

Priyanka Somaiah is a true star and has carved a niche for herself within the LG Ad Solutions family. A team lead, mentor and all-round amazing teammate – we can always count on Priyanka to deliver. Here’s a little bit about her in her own words —

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. What is your role at LG Ad Solutions?
After graduating from engineering school, I came across the advertising industry. I knew nothing about the industry and it piqued my curiosity. I wanted to learn how ads worked and more about the industry. Within media and advertising, I have worked on delivering email campaigns, been the tech support for an ad server, and currently, am the Team Lead for ad operations at LG Ad Solutions and help run the media business.

What do you love most about your job?
LG Ad Solutions truly is a transparent company and the organization and its people are warm and friendly. A growth mindset and strong teamwork are the best qualities I have found in my coworkers which pushes all of us to learn together and grab new opportunities. This collaborative mindset is a huge plus point for the growth of LG Ad Solutions as a company. Working with great minds and supportive coworkers has helped me grow personally and professionally. I am proud to work at a place where ethics and values are considered important.

What made you decide to pursue this field?
When I was an outsider to the industry, I kept wondering how the ads of products that I was looking to buy (and would change my mind and not buy) would reappear on websites that I visited. It’s like the product kept following me all the time, haha! That kept me curious as to how these ads work and I wanted to know all of it. Though I am the Team Lead for AdOps today, I am always learning something new every day. The industry is HUGE and keeps changing quickly and we need to keep up with it, which is what excites me! Every day at work seems like a new day, with many opportunities to learn!

What is your proudest accomplishment at LG Ad Solutions?
For me, it is definitely the growth in my career. I joined as a Business Operations Analyst with almost no knowledge of ad operations and today I work with the biggest clients.

What would be your message to all the girls/women out there who are trying to achieve success in the predominantly male tech industry?
Change your perspective about success being oriented to just one gender. You have to define the metrics of your own success. Be the voice you want to hear and stay focused on your goal. Celebrate all your failures and learn from them to grow as a person and that will take you places.