3 in 4 Canadian CTV Users Watch Live Sports Via Streaming Applications

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New study from LG Ad Solutions highlights opportunities for brands to reach Canadian live sports viewers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Three in four Canadian CTV users watch live sports via streaming applications, according to a new study from LG Ad Solutions. The study, titled Stadium to Screen: Streaming Live Sports in 2024, surveyed over 500 Canadian consumers in January 2024 to determine behavior and TV viewership preferences towards watching live sports.

While live sports has historically thrived on linear TV viewership, consumer shifts toward streaming apps have redefined the entire TV experience, including sports content. In fact, the study found that Canadian CTV users stream live sports across multiple streaming apps – with 28% using three or more – creating a highly-competitive sports streaming landscape.

“Canadian viewership continues to shift away from linear TV, positioning CTV environments as the perfect creative canvas for interactive, personalized consumer experiences,” said Jason Randall, Country Manager, VP Sales, Canada at LG Ad Solutions. “As live sports content continues to take the streaming landscape by storm, advertisers have an opportunity to reach engaged audiences, drive connections, and maximize outcomes.”

Other findings include:

  • Sports lovers support more than one sport: Among Canadian CTV users, viewers watch an average of 5-6 different sports, with nearly half (44%) watching more than 5 hours of live sports per week.
  • Consumer engagement extends beyond the game: 69% of Canadian viewers are likely to pay attention to ads while watching live sports. By category, Entertainment, Alcohol/Beverages, Travel, and Restaurants garner the highest consumer attention.
  • But with great engagement must come great personalization: 70% of Canadian viewers wish TV ads/commercials during sporting events were more relevant to them, and 76% state they tend to remember those that are – with 72% expressing their desire to see scores and updates within the ads themselves.

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