ArabyAds partners with LG Ad Solutions for Connected TV Advertising

LG Ad Solutions, a global connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising company, has announced an exclusive partnership with ArabyAds, an ad tech company, in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This partnership represents the company’s expansion of its CTV advertising offering into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). X

ArabyAds will now have access to LG Ad Solution’s native inventory within the region, including audience targeting capabilities. Furthermore, the partnership will enable ArabyAds to utilise the LG Ad Solutions platform and offer media buying opportunities across connected TV inventory to advertisers, enabling them to leverage the massive reach of potential consumers across all LG Smart TVs in the MENA region. In return, LG Ad Solutions will leverage ArabyAds’ advertiser base in the region to strengthen its market share.

“We at ArabyAds are focused on helping our partners to scale their businesses efficiently and sustainably through innovative technologies, and this partnership with LG Ad Solutions is a step ahead in that direction,” said Mahmoud Fathy, chief executive officer and co-founder of ArabyAds. “With the rapid growth of CTV advertising globally and its enormous potential in the MENA region, we are sure that together with our scale, expertise, and deep understanding of the market, we will deliver unmatched results for our partners and transform digital advertising in the region.”

In addition to the exclusive deal for UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, ArabyAds can also sell LG Ad Solutions CTV inventory in other parts of MENA through this deal.

“Our LG Ad Solutions data has shown that consumers globally are embracing ad-supported content more than ever before,” said Raghu Kodige, CEO. “This partnership and expansion of our global CTV advertising business into UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will help advertisers in-market better connect with these audiences on the biggest screen in the home. Now with LG Ad Solutions, ArabyAds’ brand clients can plan, activate, and measure CTV advertising.”

“LG Ad Solutions has rapidly established itself as a dominant player in the CTV advertising space, and with this partnership and unique CTV offerings such as Household Sync, we aim to transform advertising experiences for all stakeholders, especially for consumers,” said Gulrez Alam, chief investment and strategy officer at ArabyAds.” Advertisers in MENA can now benefit from the first-screen advertising experiences built using artificial intelligence and leverage the potential of CTV advertising to target relevant customers with meaningful and engaging ads as recommendations. The unique offerings of niche audience targeting on CTV and scale of reach will play a significant role in creating a new wave of advertising innovation.”