Foxtel Media and LG Ad Solutions join forces for powerful CTV partnership

Foxtel Media

Sydney – Monday 30 August, 2021: Foxtel Media and LG Ad Solutions, a leader in cross-screen media and measurement solutions, have teamed up to announce a new Connected TV (CTV) partnership that provides Australian brands with a powerful avenue by which to reach viewers on LG Smart television sets.

Capitalising on the meteoric rise of CTV in the Australian market, the partnership will deliver interactive, native display advertising assets across LG Smart televisions. Under the partnership, Foxtel Media will be the exclusive sales agent for LG Ad Solutions in Australia.

Native ad units up for grabs include LG’s Home Launcher banner, wedge ad units, hero ads, and content store tiles. Brands are able to take over ad units in 6,12 or 24 hour time blocks and can be used to click through to a video, website (within the LG browser), or a CTV app.

Targeting available includes demographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes such as purchasing habits, viewing habits and device usage. Brands will have access to actionable measurements and closed- loop attribution, allowing them to quickly understand their ad spend with rapid reporting.

While CTV is set to reach 50% global penetration in 2026, Australia has seen particularly strong uptake with 9.4 million Australians having accessed internet content via a TV in 2020, and 6.3 million Australians doing so daily. Advertising followed viewers, with CTV expenditure increasing from 23% to 41% over the past 15 months.

President at LG Ad Solutions, Serge Matta said, “We are excited to be entering the Australian advertising arena with a heavy-weight contender like Foxtel Media. The Foxtel Media team have had tremendous success with CTV advertising, and we are eager to advance the ecosystem further and watch the innovation and creativity unfold.”

Executive Director of Agency Sales at Foxtel Media, Nev Hasan said, “Our new CTV partnership officially kicks off in September with our first Foxtel Media campaigns appearing on Aussie LG Smart TVs across the country.

“While Foxtel Media have offered CTV advertising opportunities before, we are delighted to be teaming up with a true powerhouse like LG Ad Solutions to bring them to life. We will be able to leverage their global experience and learnings to deliver the premium offerings that Australian brands have come to expect from us.”

LG Ad Solutions will start serving ads secured under the partnership from September 1, 2021.

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