LG Ad Solutions Launches Unified Platform for Connected TV Media and Measurement

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Alphonso rebrands as LG Ad Solutions in transformation to exclusive provider of premium LG CTV ad inventory combined with TV data for activation, measurement, and attribution across CTV, linear TV, and digital

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. & SEOUL, South Korea — LG Ad Solutions, the newest major player in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, today unveiled its platform for helping brands reach precise audiences across the fragmented TV universe, measure campaigns in flight, and optimize outcomes through closed-loop measurement and attribution. LG Ad Solutions is the result of bringing together LG’s worldwide smart TV footprint of over 120 million TVs, with TV advertising technology and analytics leader Alphonso’s deep technology stack for cross-screen media and measurement.

The LG Ad Solutions platform gives advertisers a single source of premium connected TV inventory from 20 million smart TVs in the U.S., combined with cross-screen targeting data from eight different smart TV and connected TV device brands. Hundreds of brands and all major agencies already use this targeting data for TV audience extension on CTV, digital video and social media, and to measure the efficacy of their cross-screen campaigns in driving business results.

In addition to exclusive access to all LG CTV inventory worldwide, LG Ad Solutions offers tools for media planners to find the holes in their linear TV buys, and get insights into hard-to-reach audiences, thus providing reach and frequency extension capabilities using CTV ads. The platform gives marketers granular targeting capabilities for reaching custom audience segments on CTV and digital, integrated self-serve campaign analytics, and closed-loop multi-touch attribution for measuring business outcomes.

Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer of LG Ad Aolutions, said, “LG Ad Solutions is the marriage of two major TV industry forces that creates a perfect opportunity for advertisers looking to reach LG’s massive and highly affluent audience, while having a direct line of sight into how their customers are responding to their ads. As pioneers in TV-to-digital retargeting and Video AI, we are now poised to take cross-screen advertising and campaign measurement to new levels, at a time when navigating the TV ecosystem is harder. We help marketers plan for both reach and outcomes – it doesn’t have to be one or the other.”