LG Ad Solutions Will Adopt Unified ID 2.0, Empowering Advertisers to Utilize Their First-Party Data at Scale

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Mountain View, Calif., May 9, 2024 – LG Ad Solutions, a global leader in Connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, announced that it has initiated the integration of the Unified ID 2.0 solution (UID2). This groundbreaking solution will enable advertisers to leverage their first-party data across LG’s extensive audience network in a privacy-conscious manner, enhancing advertising effectiveness.

Initially developed by demand side platform The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 is an identifier that is pioneering the new identity fabric of the open internet.

“As viewership proliferates across channels and platforms, the ability to reach the right audiences with precision and accuracy is critical,” said Mike Brooks, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships at LG Ad Solutions. “Brands are deploying their own first-party data in more creative ways than ever before, and our adoption of Unified ID 2.0 in partnership with The Trade Desk further cements LG’s Smart TV ecosystem as the premium, high-impact destination for brands to safely apply that data to drive outcomes at scale.”

UID2 provides advertisers with a persistent, privacy-conscious identifier that enhances targeting capabilities across various platforms and devices to power personalized advertising experiences while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and transparency. By leveraging UID 2.0, advertisers can deliver more relevant and personalized advertising experiences to consumers while adhering to privacy regulations.

“Identity is a critical component of today’s media buying landscape, and Unified ID2 enables advertisers to connect with consumers with more precision,” said Will Doherty, Vice President of Inventory Development, The Trade Desk. “We are excited to welcome LG to the growing pool of publishers and providers that are helping to bring value and relevancy across the open internet.”

About LG Ad Solutions
LG Ad Solutions is a global leader in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, helping brands find hard-to-get unduplicated reach at optimal frequency across the fragmented streaming TV landscape. We bring together LG’s years of experience in delivering world-class smart TVs to consumers worldwide with big TV audience data and Video AI designed to connect brands with audiences across all screens.

About The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk™ is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Headquartered in Ventura, CA, The Trade Desk has offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit thetradedesk.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.