The Big Shift: Political Edition

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This election cycle is expected to be a record one for US political ad spending. Viewers are increasingly seeing candidate and group messages from ads delivered within streaming television content, as media consumption continues the shift to CTV. The Big Shift: Political Edition, fielded in Q1 2024 to 973 US adults, highlights TV viewing behaviors and preferences of CTV users, by political affiliation and region, in this important election year.

Among the report’s findings:

  • 63% of viewers prefer streaming over traditional TV (via cable, satellite or broadcast), with Independents highest at 70%, followed by 63% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans.
  • 66% of viewers have added or removed streaming apps in the past 12 months, with Democrats app cycling the most at 73%, followed by 63% of Republicans and 59% of Independents.
  • 74% of viewers prefer ads that are relevant to their interests, with 80% Democrats preferring relevant ads, followed by 77% of Republicans and 73% of Independents.

For more information on CTV viewership that you can use for your media strategy and planning, download the full report today!

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