The Big Shift: Wave II

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As TV viewers move away from cable/satellite TV to streaming options, consumers today want more free, ad-supported TV (FAST) content. In fact, 63% of consumers prefer to stream free content rather than paying for a subscription. As a result, viewers are cutting down on subscription services – almost one in two viewers (46%) have canceled a streaming service to save money. Further, 59% of viewers are willing to cancel a subscription after finishing their desired content, supporting the trend that subscribers are hopping between services to keep costs down.

In ‘The Big Shift: Wave II’, LG Ad Solutions surveyed nearly 800 connected TV viewers, exploring the latest trends in consumer behavior and perceptions towards CTV and FASTs. The study compares and measures how viewer attitudes have changed in the six months since launching the first wave. To read the full study, download the report below.

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