The Connected Gamer

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Gamer Insights and Viewership Study

Gamers make up the majority of Connected TV (CTV) users, with a whopping two-thirds of US CTV users playing video games. Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) content is a popular choice amongst gamers – 63% of gamers spend at least two hours a week streaming FASTs, 24% higher than all CTV users. In addition, TV streaming ads are a top channel for informing gamers about the latest and great games, opening up a huge opportunity for gaming advertisers. However, it is essential to tailor ads to this group according to their preferences – 80% of gamers prefer seeing ads relevant to their interests, 10% more than all CTV users.

In our study ‘The Connected Gamer,’ LG Ad Solutions surveyed over 700 CTV viewers to explore gamer trends and gamer attitudes & perceptions towards CTV. To read more about the results, download the full study.

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