Direct-to-Glass Playbook

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The Next Era of Connected TV

The fragmentation of the TV landscape has resulted in the same audiences being found across multiple platforms. As the number of content providers and associated subscription costs continue to grow, consumers are becoming more cost-sensitive and subscription churn is high.

By taking a ‘Direct-To-Glass’ or device-first approach to advertising with TV manufacturers like LG, brands are streamlining the ad-buying process and reducing the complexity of managing ad campaigns with individual content platforms. Advertisers can reach target audiences regardless of how they consume content on their TV – allowing for cross-platform audience insights and actionable campaign measurement.

The ‘Direct-to-Glass Playbook’ outlines the advantages of partnering with TV manufacturers, how TV viewership is shifting, the value of first-party data for finding and reaching relevant audiences, and more. To learn more, download the full white paper.

The Direct-to-Glass playbook viewed on a tablet device