The Shoppable TV Report: 2024 and Beyond

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As we kick off another year of partnership, we are excited to share our latest thought leadership research to help you succeed with your Connected TV advertising strategy.

The Shoppable TV Report: 2024 and Beyond uncovers U.S. consumer perceptions around “shoppable” TV advertisements一such as scannable QR-enhanced ads 一as well as subsequent purchasing behavior after seeing TV ads.

Key Takeaways:

  • FAST apps are becoming a norm. 78% of CTV users regularly use FAST apps, and 59% prefer FAST over paid streaming services, making FAST a critical part of every media plan.
  • Shoppable TV is manifesting into reality. 66% of CTV users recall seeing an ad with a QR code in the past three months.
  • CTV users like shoppable TV ads. 70% like TV ads with QR codes, and 62% would scan if exposed, making QR codes a must-have for any upcoming TV ad creative.
  • Relevance converts to action with shoppable TV ads. Relevance is the main impetus behind scanning or purchasing after seeing a TV ad, highlighting the need for accurate audience targeting.

For more information on the future of Shoppable TV, download the full report today!

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