Adapting CTV to Day of Week Realities

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A family in the living room is gathered around the TV on a Sunday night. They are waiting for the evening football game to kick-off or are perhaps channel surfing before their favorite news segment kicks on. And if you are an advertiser in 2024 hoping to reach this family with your brand and message, you may be wondering, how accurate is this Sunday night portrayal in today’s multifaceted TV content world?

Luckily, LG Ad Solutions’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) identifies what households are watching and enables LG Ad Solutions to understand to what extent the above scenario rings true, using privacy-compliant technology.

adapting ctv

When looking at hours per TV on traditional television (broadcast and cable), the idea of family gathering around the TV on a weekend is somewhat relevant. TVs are more likely to watch more traditional TV on either Saturday or Sunday relative to other days of the week, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays capturing less time.

However, if you are an advertiser trying to connect to specific audiences within a premium environment on the big screen exclusively using the above “old-school-approach”, you are missing out on the advantages of Connected TV and a direct-to-glass strategy.

According to eMarketer, in 2023 non-pay TV viewers (cord-cutters and cord-nevers) surpassed traditional TV viewers for the first time. In addition to overtaking traditional TV viewers, eMarketer also notes how CTV is expected to continue to take larger shares of ad spending.

To better understand how hours per TV shakes out within the streaming landscape, we looked at viewership trends in both the LG Channels app and across some major streaming apps.

adapting ctv

adapting ctv

On LG Channels, we see a different reality where TVs are more likely to tune into content on weekdays relative to weekends. And across streaming apps, there is a more even distribution of hours watched by day of the week.

Both of these data points highlight a primary benefit of streaming in that great content isn’t limited to either specific days of the week or traditional primetime structures.Instead of clinging to these outdated principle and risk being left behind, the new realities of streaming and connected TV allow advertisers to reach people when they watch.

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