LG Ad Solutions Announces LoopIQ, A New CTV Targeting and Measurement Product, Delivered in Partnership with Affinity Solutions

LoopIQ brings best-in-class closed-loop purchase data to CTV targeting and measurement

Mountain View, Calif., September 26, 2023 – LG Ad Solutions, a global leader in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, today announced a strategic product partnership with leading consumer purchase insights company Affinity Solutions (Affinity), named LoopIQ. This closed-loop CTV ad targeting and measurement solution is uniquely designed to utilize purchase data for reaching the right audiences in CTV environments while also measuring campaign impact on increasing customer spend.

“The partnership between LG Ad Solutions and Affinity to launch LoopIQ marks a significant evolution in the CTV advertising landscape,” said Tony Marlow, Global Chief Marketing Officer of LG Ad Solutions. “LoopIQ’s unique capability to effectively link purchase data with ad targeting and measurement is set to revolutionize the way brands reach and resonate with their audiences in ad-supported streaming environments.”

LoopIQ comes as a response to the ever-growing demand for more refined targeting and tangible measurement methods in the CTV space. By integrating purchase data with existing capabilities such as privacy-compliant automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, brands can now achieve unprecedented precision, ensuring their advertising spend is optimized for the right audiences with the most impactful results.

Affinity’s robust expertise in data analytics combined with LG Ad Solutions’ vast CTV advertising infrastructure creates a formidable solution in LoopIQ. This partnership solidifies both companies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the CTV ad space, delivering more value to advertisers while enhancing viewer experiences.

“We are thrilled to join forces with LG Ad Solutions on this groundbreaking endeavor. LoopIQ is a testament to our joint vision of harnessing exclusive consumer purchase data to craft more meaningful outcomes and efficient advertising experiences,” said Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer of Affinity.

The introduction of LoopIQ promises not only to redefine how brands approach CTV advertising but also to set new benchmarks for ROI in the sector.

For more information on LoopIQ and the transformative partnership between LG Ad Solutions and Affinity, please visit https://lgads.tv/

About LG Ad Solutions
LG Ad Solutions is a global leader in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, helping brands find hard-to-get unduplicated reach at optimal frequency across the fragmented streaming TV landscape. We bring together LG’s years of experience in delivering world-class smart TVs to consumers worldwide with big TV audience data and Video AI designed to connect brands with audiences across all screens.

About Affinity Solutions
Affinity Solutions (Affinity) is the leading consumer purchase insights company. We provide a comprehensive view of U.S. consumer spending, across and between brands, via exclusive access to fully permissioned data from over 140 million debit and credit cards. This data is transformed into actionable insights for marketers, consultancies, and financial services companies to drive market share and revenue growth. Affinity powers CometTM, a powerful data-led intelligence platform that enables marketers to effortlessly plan, activate, and measure media to purchase-based outcomes. To learn more about Affinity Solutions visit www.affinity.solutions.

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